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CAV Paper Accepted

Our Paper ATLAS: Automated Amortised Complexity Analysis of Self-Adjusting Data Structures has been accepted at CAV. The paper is joint work of Lorenz Leutgeb, Georg Moser and Florian Zuleger. Georg will give a talk about this work later this month in the Department's lunchtime seminar.
Georg Moser speaks on "Herbrand Complexity and Hilbert's Epsilon Calculus" during the PTVS on January 20.

The Proof Theory Virtual Seminar (PTVS) is a (almost) weekly seminar on proof theory and related topics; Georg will present recent work in the area of Hilbert's epsilon calculus and ancient but powerful and rarely studied method in proof theory.
SPJ gives keynote at inday students

Simon Peyton-Jones will give a keynote at the Department's inday students, reflecting on the history of Haskell and why it is good to be lazy and avoid success at all costs. The talk will be streamed on twitch; further details are forthcoming.
OOPSLA Paper accepted

Our paper A Modular Cost Analysis for Probabilistic Program has been accepted at OOPSLA and will be presented on Friday, November 20. The preprecording of Martin's talk is online at SPLASH 2020. The paper is joint work of Martin, Michael and Georg.
TermComp 2020

TermComp 2020 is over. Our tool TcT participated in five categories of the complexity competition: derivational complexity analysis (full/innermost) and runtime complexity analysis (full/innermost/innermost certified). We lost almost every category to AProVE (congrats to AProVE). But we are proud winner of the RCI certified category. Students: please join us for your Bachelor/Master projects, to help make TcT great again :-)
Michi passed his Viva!

Michael Schaper our expert on automated resource analysis of imperative programs and former head developer of TcT today passed his PhD defense with excellency. Congrats and all the best for the future! Our loss is the industry's win.
Welcome to Jonas!

Jonas Schöpf recently defended his Master thesis and startet today his first day in his PhD position. He will mainly work on average case complexity for probabilistic programs. Welcome to the crowd!
INRIA Associate Team Grant Accepted

Our Associate Team project proposal, entitled "Termination and Complexity Properties of Probabilistic Programs" has been accepted. The project, short title TC(Pro)^3, is a joint effort between partners from INRIA Nancy and Sophia Antipolis and TCS. We'll work together on questions of termination and resource analysis of probabilistic progrms, with an outlook towards application of these results in quantum computing. See our projects for more details.
Albert wins PhD Fellowship

Albert Nössig has been granted a PhD fellowship of the LFUI. Albert will work on inductive programing and concept learning. Welcome to the crowd!
Philipp defended his Master

Philipp Wirtenberger has defended his Master thesis with excellency. We wish him all the best for his future career in industry! Our loss is their gain.
Bachelor and Master Topics in TCS

The TCS group offers a number of bachelor/master projects, kindly see the corresponding teaching page. Should you wish to do a project with us, and already have some concrete ideas, simply contact us.
PhD Position available

We have an offering for a 4-year PhD position in an area of the core interests of the TCS group. In particular, we are looking for a candidate interested in one (or ideally a combination) of the following areas: (i) automation; (ii) logic and type theory; (iii) programming languages; and (iv) static program analysis. Kindly, see the information in vacancies.
TCS get's started

The homepage of the Theoretical Computer Science Group is online.
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