Theoretical Computer Science


The Tyrolean Complexity Tool (TCT for short) is a fully automated resource analysis tool for (i) first-order term rewrite systems; (ii) integer transition systems; (iii) higher-order functional programs; and (iv) object-oriented bytecode programs.
As repeatedly verified by the annual termination competition (TERMCOMP) and at the FLOC Olympic Games 2014, TcT is the most powerful complexity analyser for term rewrite systems and state of the art for higher-order functional programs.


The Jat tool provides a complexity preserving transformation fron Jinja bytecode to cTRSs.


HOCA is an abbreviation for Higher-Order Complexity Analysis, and is meant as a laboratory for the automated complexity analysis of higher-order functional programs.


The rewriting library for Haskell is jointly developed with other members from the computational logic research group. Preliminary sources are currently availabe here.

RaML Utils

The raml-utils package provides a translation from resource aware ML to TRSs.