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Alpha - A Tool For Alpha Avoidance

The tool provides an implementation of an alpha avoidance tool, based on th detection of alpha paths. Alpha paths form an adaption of legal paths (Asperti and Guerrini, 1999). The tool uses these paths as computation basis to decide whether alpha-conversion in lambda terms is required to guarantee correct beta-reduction. Depending on whether such paths can be found or not (up to a variable depth), the tool gives one of the following results:

Alpha is developed by members of the Theoretical Computer Science group.


Alpha version 1.0 released

This version presents the first version of Alpha, an alpha avoidance tool, based on the computation of alpha paths. Alpha paths constitute an adaption of legal path to detect variable capture in lambda terms; they also form a strict generalisation of chains considered for the mu-calculus, cf. (Endrullis et al. 2011) The tool is accessible via the command line or its web interface.
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